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Sample lectures

Travel and authenticity_narrated lecture_part1

Travel and authenticity_narrated lecture_part2

Tourism, culture, and sustainability_narrated lecture


Sample syllabi

RPTM 300Y_Tourism & Leisure Behavior_Syllabus

RST 350_Tourism & Culture_Syllabus

RST 393_Culture & Behavior of Chinese Tourists in the United States_Syllabus

RST 410_Administraton of Leisure Services_Syllabus

RST 512_Managing Recreation Sport & Tourism Organizations_Syllabus


Sample student video projects

Attracting Chinese Tourists to Illinois

Champaign County Hidden Tourism Gems

Fun in Champaign

Sports Tourism

Food Tourism


Relevant publications

Beyond free listing: Using a variety of methods to analyze cultural saliency in hedonistic tourism. Tourism Analysis, 23(1), 151-158. LINK

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Spring break travel: Three decades of scholarly evidence, 1980-2010. Tourism Review International, 16(3), 153-167. LINK

“It wasn’t my sole purpose for going down there:” An inquiry into the Spring Break experience and its relation to risky behaviors and alcohol consumption. Annals of Leisure Research, 11(3-4), 351-367. LINK

Spring Break. In L. Lowry (Ed.), The Sage International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism. LINK

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The lamprey and the partridge: A multi-sited ethnography of food tourism as an agent of preservation and disfigurement in Central Portugal. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 8(3-4), 193-212. LINK

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