nunoics-7.jpgDr. Nuno Ribeiro is a passionate entrepreneur, educator, and researcher. He has devoted his career to understanding how culture impacts travel behavior, and how different stakeholders can use this knowledge to better plan and develop tourism destinations, optimize international travel, and enhance community relations. Dr. Ribeiro’s professional background is in hospitality and international tour operations management, and he holds degrees in Tourism Planning and Development (BSci, Lusofona), Tourism Management (MSci and PhD, Penn State), and Culture and Behavior (Post-doc, University of Regina). He has over 10 years’ higher education experience in tourism and cross-cultural research. Originally born in the Azores Islands, Dr. Ribeiro has lived and worked in seven countries, traveled to thirty countries and four continents, and is fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese (his Arabic, Cree, Mandarin, and Vietnamese are works in progress). Dr. Ribeiro currently lives in Champaign, Illinois, loves to travel, play tennis, eat different foods, and dote on his three cats.

Dr. Ribeiro’s resume

Dr. Ribeiro’s academic curriculum vitae

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